3 PL logistics

3PL Logistics

Logist LLC, which provides complex timely transportation services by land, sea, air, and rail, offers the optimal delivery trajectory according to the customer’s needs. Logistic professionals organize the most optimal method of domestic and international transportation according to your type of cargo, budget, and time. Cargo can be delivered in full or in part (FTL and LTL). Also, exported goods are delivered by fully loaded trucks from 30 countries. In addition, our logistics specialists can arrange international pallet transportation at an affordable price. International cargo insurance is also provided by Logist LLC.

Delivery of products to domestic enterprises – outlets, cafes, restaurants, hotels, business centers, construction sites, or other facilities is carried out by applying the latest innovations in navigation. Goods are delivered to Baku and surrounding areas within 24 hours, and to the regions within 48 hours. Cross-docking service is offered according to customers’ needs. For cargoes that require large or special training, a delivery plan is prepared and executed as soon as possible.

3PL Services include:

  • International transportation: land, air, sea, rail, and combined routes
  • Finding trucks of different sizes and dimensions
  • Pallet, prefabricated, full and partial filling
  • Domestic and city delivery without minimum volume

Domestic delivery

We ensure that all orders collected in the warehouse are delivered to customers on time as per agreement.
Delivery services include:

  • Route planning according to the number of orders, volume and delivery time
  • Separation of vehicle and delivery staff according to the planned route
  • Accurate receipt of goods and relevant documents included in the orders
  • Delivery of orders to customers on time
  • Preparation of relevant documents on the completion of delivery
  • Delivery of delivery information to customers
  • Cross Docking

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