LOGIST company offers all kinds of logistics solutions to meet the individual needs of customers. Our services help our customers strengthen their competitive position in the market. We are active, responsible, have a high work ethic, and promote transparency in our work. We cooperate with our customers at every stage of the logistics process.

LOGIST LLC is the best partner choice for companies that want to focus on the development of their business.

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The quality of services is the most important criterion for our experienced and professional team. We can proudly say that we do our job at the highest level and meet the expectations of our customers.

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We provide foreign and domestic transportation of goods of companies operating in various business areas. Goods of different sizes, weights and special specifications will be delivered to your door on time with care.

Complex warehousing operations reduce customer costs and allow optimization in business. Our shelf warehouse, which has a convenient geographical location and is equipped with the latest technology, has 24/7 security control. There is a constant process of receiving, loading, and storage of goods in favorable conditions. Services such as sorting, palletizing and stretching are offered at the time of receipt of goods. Orders are collected in accordance with FIFO, FEFO, LIFO, and LEFO rules. Warehouse services also include the receipt and disposal of unusable and returned goods. Goods in the warehouse are inventoried with all parameters (expiration date (ED) barcode, lot code, batch code, etc.).

Our employees carry out the preparation of import and export documents of goods, customer representation during customs inspection, preparation of declarations. In addition, it provides optimization of customs costs.

Logist LLC offers a number of value-added services. This includes sorting the product according to a specific sequence, boxing, packing, banding, attaching or tearing various educational and explanatory stickers on the products, and preparation of gift packages. Such services increase the efficiency and profitability of our customers and ensure their competitiveness in the market.